1. Draw something. Anything. Take a photo of it.
2. Post it on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #archerloft.
3. Erase the image from the chalkboard. Repeat process.

This is a process of having the public use the materials, making it their own form of expression and using technology to record the process by their own use of “smartphones”. It gives them a copy of such performance and using social media, it is available for a larger audience than just the people at the art opening.

-Miguel Cortez, 2013


Screenshot_2013-06-09-08-30-30 Screenshot_2013-06-09-08-30-13 Screenshot_2013-06-09-08-29-58 Screenshot_2013-06-09-08-29-41 Screenshot_2013-06-09-08-29-19 Screenshot_2013-06-09-08-28-57 Screenshot_2013-06-09-08-28-41