“Recycle Your Ideas”
Digital photos on vinyl
Miguel Cortez

Recycling is used to describe a series of activities that includes collecting recyclable materials that would otherwise be considered waste, sorting and processing recyclables into raw materials and manufacturing the raw materials into new products. One example is recycling plastic bottles to make pipes. Artists use this process all the time. Some come up with an idea and create work using a certain style/media and repeat this for a long time to please his/her commercial gallery/collectors. While others may gather old ideas, twist and turn them, throw them up in the air and some new concept pops up.

This has been an ongoing project of mixed media artworks dealing with the concept of “recycling” that began in 2006. I am taking this concept and creating multi-media works, such as digital photos, computer drawings, Flash animation, business cards, and bumper stickers. The 2 prints being shown here were shot in November/December 2010 around Pilsen. I have a series of stickers and go around and place them on public objects and then document the process. These 2 photographs will be shown at Cobalt Studio in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood in January 2011. For more info and images from this ongoing project go to: http://recycle-ideas.blogspot.com/