Pilsen Telenovela
digital print
Miguel Cortez, 2006

This print consist of overly-dramatic fake events/actions that are suppossed to mock scenes from an imaginary spanish “novela” taking place in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. Using a high resolution digital camera, I posed people in carefully planned and scripted situations. An installation of these prints were shown at Glass Curtain Gallery¬†in Chicago.

Telenovelas have a history that goes back to the 1950s in Latin America. They are usually targeted to the working class(hence the popularity) and some of the stereotypical plots are often based on stories dealing with class issues such as about a poor girl who falls in love with a rich man and whose family does not understand her. While some others deal with teen isues and the problems of youth and growing up. Most of the actors are usually white latinos playing working class people but for this project the people who I shot visually look mestizo and resemble more what the “telenovela’s” audience is.