” Pilsen for sale”
100 stickers pasted all over Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood
2004 Miguel Cortez
The inspiration for this sticker came about when I was reading an article regarding the plan by the Concord Homes Inc.’s (with the support of Alderman Danny Solis) to build a a high-end housing project from 16th street to 18th street and Peoria Avenue. Specifically, this developer wanted to create a residential community comprised of thirteen buildings containing a total of 132 residential condominium dwelling units. Each dwelling would have included two bedrooms and two baths running from $280,000 and up. The organization Pilsen Alliance created a coalition of community organizations and community residents to oppose the project. Over 200 community residents were mobilized in a short period of time to advocate against the project at a community meeting held by Alderman Danny Solis and Concord Homes. Currently, the project is “dead” due to the organizing of the community against the project. It was an historic victory for a community that is feeling development pressures from all sides in the neighborhood.